Eternity Cup 2023 – Endeavor

Starting from November 5th until November 11th, 2023, Amore Prime School held its very first great event ever! Eternity Cup 2023: Endeavour is a place of excitement that unites students, teachers, even those who have graduated, and outsiders as well. As an event that aims to develop talents, especially in the arts and sports, along with strengthening solidarity between high schoolers, the Eternity Cup presents various interesting competitions that JHS and SHS students can take part in.

Sequentially and structurally, a series of competitions were held for five days. Badminton, solo vocal, dance, poster design—all participants are competing decently. With a total of participants coming from more than 20 high schools and middle schools located around Tangerang and West Jakarta, the euphoria of the competitions and the lively supporting spectators made it an unforgettable moment to reminisce. Eternity Cup’s competition days hysteria is truly a memory.

Other than that, participants can fulfill their craving for sweets, salty, or spicy things through tenants that sell various kinds of street food, snacks, and fresh beverages, such as Mixue, C’Bezt, Es Teh Indonesia, Kambiri, Cham-Cham Chicken, Getz Lunch, Chelle, and Fufufu Dimsum.

Leading up to the peak of the night on November 11th, which is the final day of the Eternity Cup, the excitement of the previous days had not dimmed by 523 visitors both externally and internally. Presenting Adhitya Sofyan as the event’s guest star, the audience was sucked in by the alluring melodies sung by that Indonesian indie singer. Forget Jakarta, Blue Sky Collapse, until Sesuatu di Jogja, one of his popular hits. Everyone is enchanted by the twilight atmosphere yet melodiousness of Adhitya’s “type of philosophy” at that time.

The evening was closed with a party accompanied by DJ Jason, followed by all of the committee and crew who had participated, worked hard, and patiently built this event to its success. Heap of thanks to the Syuradikara Prima Foundation, sponsors: Le Bening, BJB Bank, Mandaya Royal Hospital Puri, PT. Allianz Life Indonesia, BCA, the responsible person for the event, and the committees! Cheers to those who participated! See you at the next Eternity Cup!

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