News & Events

  • Chinese New Year Performance
  • Eternity Cup 2023 – Endeavor
    Starting from November 5th until November 11th, 2023, Amore Prime School held its very first great event ever! Eternity Cup 2023: Endeavour is a place of … Read more
  • Amore Chronicles – November 23
    Everything that happened in November at Amore Prime School!
  • Amore Chronicles – October 23
    A series of news and event that is happening in October at Amore Prime School
  • Science Experiment: Macromolecules
    Macromolecules are large, complex molecules essential for living organisms’ functioning. Among the most critical macromolecules are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Testing for these compounds allows … Read more
  • Independence Day Competition
    On this momentous occasion of Independence Day, Amore Prime School embraced the theme “Terus Melaju untuk Indonesia Maju” with unwavering enthusiasm and dedication. This theme … Read more
  • School Year Commencement Prayer Service
    As we embark on a fresh chapter filled with excitement and potential, students and teachers alike gather together for a prayer, heralding the beginning of … Read more
  • Student Orientation Week 2023
    Student Orientation Week is an annual activity that is mandatory for new students at Amore Prime School High School. With the theme “New Beginnings Endless … Read more
  • Classmeet 2023
    On June 12 2023, we from the student council held a classmeet activitywhich was in charge of the sports division of the student council. The … Read more
  • Graduation – Class of 2023
    Graduation is “a conclusion of one chapter, a beginning of another.” It is a significant milestone in a student’s life, marking the culmination of their … Read more
  • Pembagian Takjil Gratis
    The takjil (iftar meal) distribution activity carried out by Amore Prime School student councilmembers on March 18, 2023 is part of a tradition that has … Read more
  • Winter Camp
    Winter Camp – Mandarin Intensive Class Mandarin is currently the most widely spoken language in the world, spoken by as many as 1.3 billion people … Read more
  • Self Awareness Symposium
    “SPIRIT OF A TRAILBLAZER; MAKING A WAY SO OTHERS CAN FOLLOW” is the theme of this year’s self awareness program that we held every year … Read more
  • OSIS Basic Leadership Training
    On 24-25 February 2023, Amore Prime School Student Council held a Basic Leadership Training or Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan. Basic Leadership Training or LDK itself in … Read more
  • Chinese New Year Celebration
    Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, is a time for families to gather, enjoy delicious food, and celebrate the … Read more
  • Orphanage Visit
    Character-based education is the principle instilled by Amore Prime school. Amore Prime School as a school that does not only prioritize the intelligence of its … Read more
  • Christmas Celebration 2022
    Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, which is on December 25th. Christmas is generally marked by exchanging gifts, but Christmas is … Read more
  • National Teachers Day
    Happy Teachers’ Day! Teachers play one of the most important roles in our lives. They teach us not just in formal education, but they also … Read more
  • Sumpah Pemuda
    Sumpah Pemuda is a form of the fighting spirit of the young generation in its time. It is not a new thing, but that spirit … Read more
  • Amore SHS Goes to Chic’s Music Studio
    As a part of music support program, Amore SHS students went to Chic’s music studio to deepen their knowledge about music. Starting at the first … Read more
  • National Sports Day 2022
    National sports day is the day where all sports are appreciated and remembered. Not only that, it’s also the day where we can all appreciate … Read more
  • Amore SHS Goes to Pradita University
    On the first of September, Senior High Amore Prime School goes to Pradita University. On our visit to Pradita, we gathered in the Auditorium. We … Read more
  • Visitasi Akreditasi SMA APS
    Banten, 24 Agustus 2022 – Sekolah Menegah Atas (SMA) Amore Prime School atau yang biasadikenal APS terus berkembang di era digital. Untuk mendukung kualitas sekolah … Read more
  • Independence Day Celebration
  • Student Orientation Week 2022
    On the 15th and 16th of July, Senior High School Student Council held an event called SOW or Student Orientation Week. This event was held … Read more