Classmeet 2023

On June 12 2023, we from the student council held a classmeet activity
which was in charge of the sports division of the student council.

The classmeet event lasted from 7:30 am to 1:45 pm. This event was
attended by all Amore Prime School high school students. We started
the classmeet with warm-up and exercise together with exciting music so
that the students were excited to start the activity.

The classmeet continued with a traditional Indonesian game, Tak
Benteng, where in this game the players must defend their fort so that it
is not touched by the opponent. Players also have the ability to freeze
opponents if touched and players who are frozen can also be freed by
other players.

The next game is Dodgeball, where students have to throw a ball and hit
the enemy with it. The player must be able to avoid the ball attack from
the opponent. The game continued with water volley and world war
water which was very exciting and followed by the students
enthusiastically. The student council entrepreneur division also sold
snacks and drinks during the event.

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